Messages from Newcomers

Over the years we have been delighted to receive messages from Newcomers expressing how much the Newcomers' Club has helped them during their time in Oxford. Here are just a few:

"I would like to express my gratitude to all the wonderful people who make OUNC such a wonderful organization and create a welcoming environment for those of us who are new to the amazing city of Oxford, whether for a short time or long term. Thank you so much." Kathy, USA

"I decided to go [to the Newcomers' Club], it was a turning point in my experience in Oxford. There, I met wonderful people, very welcoming, full of good advice to get used to Oxford and to live as an “insider”." Hanifah, Réunion

"I was happy to be part of the Newcomers' Club during my three years in Oxford. When I just came to Oxford, before I found a job, I participated in some of the activities such as the morning coffee, Christmas party and Christmas fair. All of these were really nice and pleasant to take part in, and were really helpful during my first months to familiarise myself with life in Oxford." Tali, Israel

"As an OUNC member, I wanted to send a quick email to say "THANK YOU" to you and the other individuals who lead this organization. [Your] emails are so helpful and provide an invaluable bridge to accessing all that Oxford has to offer. Hopefully, you hear this sentiment expressed regularly, but I really appreciate the work that is performed on our behalf." Phil, USA

"The Newcomers have been very helpful for someone who has never been here before. I especially enjoyed all of the outings. The College tours were brilliant with wonderful guides and the ability to see parts of the colleges not open to the general public The Antiques and Garden expeditions were a good opportunity to see other areas near Oxford and spend some quality time with other members. The Club provides a wonderful support service to spouses and helps make the move much more enjoyable. I am not sure how I would have managed without the advice and support of the members. Thank you all so much.” Sandi, USA

"This is my time to say goodbye to all of you wonderful people! My little family and I have moved away from Oxford and so I will leave this amazing group. Thank you so much to all of the volunteers for the effort you put in to make living in Oxford easier. This platform is a great way to help all of us spouses get together and form a social life. I truly appreciate everything you did and am grateful for your kindness. "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" Winnie the Pooh :-)" Shaked, Israel

"I feel so happy to attend the Newcomers' Club, it's a feeling of becoming a member of a big and warm family! I was a bit worried about my spoken English when I came here since I haven't used the language for several years in China. But when I joined the group I realized the most important thing is just "communication and sharing". I really enjoyed talking with people from different places, learnig more about Oxford and the UK. And I think I've made some friends during the coffee time. How wonderful it is!" Shuxian, China

" honour of all the wonderful friends who helped me through my very stressful months of medical issues. I could not have survived the physical and emotional trauma of my cancer diagnosis and surgery without the Newcomers' support. I will be forever grateful." Michelle, USA

"I have had a truly wonderful three years in Oxford. I have never met such a friendly inclusive group of people as the Newcomers. Of course the city is full of beauty but the experience of being there has been enriched by all of you, to make my stay one of the highlights of my 66 years of life. The freedom and opportunities have given me the chance to learn about myself, to gain new skills and to experience multiculturalism in a way rarely possible anywhere else. The kindness and generosity of you all will stay with me for the rest of my life." Judy, Australia

"Once we have experienced this wonderful, welcoming, group it is difficult to forget the warmth shared.......Without the Newcomers, I would have withered on the vine. I am so very grateful for the interesting activities and wonderful friendships made while in Oxford. Once a Newcomer, always a Newcomer!!!" Jeanne, USA

"I want to express my warmest thanks to all of you. To the Newcomers' volunteers because your work is admirable. It makes a huge positive difference in the life of newly arrived people. Your kindness and generosity are boundless. To all the wonderful people who are part of the Newcomers' Club, because your solidarity is exceptional. I really appreciate your friendship. My family and I have had such a marvellous time in Oxford and all of you have contributed to it." Natai, Mexico

"Our time here in Oxford is quickly coming to a close, and before we leave town I wish to thank you for the generosity and kindness you have shown to us this sabbatical year. In very important ways your Newcomers’ Club has done more than any organisation here to enrich our Oxford experience through your various programs and activities, allowing us to quickly integrate into your university community. Your Newcomers’ Club is a model organization that each one of us visiting faculty spouses can learn from, and take back to our home institutions." Anne-Marie, USA

"The Newcomers’ Club is an amazing resource and the people who run it are some of the most generous, wise and friendly people I have ever met. Thank you for all you do and for your many acts of thoughtfulness and kindness. You have made Oxford the place we all love and want to come back to." Margie, Australia

"Our exciting and stimulating seven months in Oxford are ending now and I would like to thank all of you and especially the committee members for your warm welcome and support. It was fun getting to know such a lot of different nice people and joining many activities which were made possible by the Newcomers' group." Sabine, Germany

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you have done for us through Opportunities in Oxford. It was definitely one of the best groups I took part in here in Oxford." Kumiko, Japan

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