The Committee

Our Committee of volunteers aims to provide a friendly and stimulating environment for Newcomers to meet, settle into the Oxford community and to explore a variety of aspects of life in the city and surrounds. We try to create an environment in which members feel they can approach any member of the committee for help, advice and support.

Alison Madden: Chair
Alison Madden
Karlien Van Dam: Deputy Chair
Karlien Van Dam
Deputy Chair
Jini Hetherington: Minutes Secretary
Jini Hetherington
Minutes Secretary
Nicole Belanger Satullo: Treasurer
Nicole Belanger Satullo
Needra Copley: Welcome Officer
Needra Copley
Membership Secretary
Ruth Ross: Bookings Secretary
Ruth Ross
Bookings Secretary
Anne Gallacher: Programme Secretary
Anne Gallacher
Programme Secretary
Romina Provenzi: Programme Secretary
Romina Provenzi
Programme Secretary
Sue Morris: Oxford University Welcome Service
Sue Morris
Oxford University Welcome Service
Ayse Gur-Gedden: Communications & IT Officer
Ayse Gur-Geden
Communications & IT Officer
Pauline Millican: Communications & IT Officer
Pauline Millican
Communications & IT Officer and Singing Group Coordinator
Topaz Tong: Communications & IT Officer
Topaz Tong
Communications & IT Officer
Jenny Walker: Newcomers with Children Organiser and Singing Group Coordinator
Jenny Walker
Newcomers with Children Organiser and Singing Group Coordinator
Dorothy Whittington: Vacation Coffee Morning Host
Dorothy Whittington
Vacation Coffee Morning Host
Hansa Fatania: Welcome Officer
Hansa Fatania
Welcome Officer
Theresa Frayne: Welcome Officer
Theresa Frayne
Welcome Officer
Sonya Kelly:Welcome Officer
Sonya Kelly
Welcome Officer
Maria Lock:Welcome Officer
Maria Lock
Welcome Officer
Val Power: Welcome Officer
Val Power
Welcome Officer
VMaria Ramundo: Welcome Officer
Maria Ramundo
Welcome Officer
Sally Whitehead: Welcome Officer
Sally Whitehead
Welcome Officer
Harsha Wilkinson: Welcome Officer
Harsha Wilkinson
Welcome Officer